Thursday, September 14, 2017

Crazy class photo

Everybody was at school yesterday so we HAD to get a photo. 
No chance of a serious photo in our class!

Monday, September 4, 2017


Room 1 have been looking forward to being able to use the library all year. Finally this term we are able to use it. 
We have our library time on Mondays, after morning tea. 
We are learning to be responsible library users by caring for the books and our library area. We are collaborating by working with others, and we are having some "me time" by quietly enjoying reading on our own.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Working on our oral language & cooking!

Lincoln and Platinum have been reading "Whitebait Season". 
We decided it was a great idea to make some fritters. They didn't have any whitebait, so they used sweetcorn instead. The boys really enjoyed talking about what they were doing while having a fun and delicious learning experience. Thank you so much Whaea Linzi.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

WALT write our opinion and back it up with reasons and examples

We are learning to write about our opinions.
The question posed this week is Should kids be allowed a TV in their bedroom?
There was some great discussion about this, with an equal amount for and against.
Here are some students opinions about the topic.

Should kids be allowed a TV in their bedroom?

I think that kids shouldn't be allowed to have a TV in their bedroom.
Kids shouldn't have a TV in their room because they might watch TV late. They might lose track of time and miss lots of working time.
Secondly, they might watch TV too much and it might change their mood.They will get angry at their family for nothing.
Thirdly, they might watch the wrong things.
Because they will be in their rooms by themselves they might watch  inappropriate programmes.

That’s why I think  kids shouldn't be allowed to have a TV in their bedroom.

by Ocean-Lee

Should kids have a TV in their bedroom?

I'm confident kids are not allowed a TV in their bedroom.

Kids should not be allowed a TV in their room because they might miss a day of school

First of all, you might stay up long at night watching or playing on the TV and you will get tired and sleep in and possibly miss school.

Next you might get light headed.
Because you have been staring at the TV for too long. Then you won't feel well.

Finally you might have an argument about what game to play.
You and your friend will have an argument and your friendship possibly break and you won't be friends.

In conclusion I strongly believe that kids should not have a TV in their bedroom.

by Te Kawana

Should kids have a TV in their bedroom?

I am confident that kids shouldn’t have a tv in their room.
Kids shouldn’t have tvs in their room because they will become game freaks.
If you have a tv in your bedroom you’ll play games watch tv then you will become obsessed with it.
Secondly it could make them wake up all grumpy.
If they don’t have enough sleep then they will be all mad and grumpy because they are tired.
Thirdly they won’t get to spend some time with their family.
If they keep on playing the games and watching movies they won’t be able to spend some quality time with their family.
This is why I strongly believe that kids shouldn’t have tv’s in their rooms.

by Twinkles

Monday, July 24, 2017

WALT explore shapes that tessellate

In our first session for Geometry we are exploring shapes that tessellate.

In this session students explored shapes that tessellate or repeat to cover the plane without gaps or overlaps.

We used different types of 'tiles' to create our paths.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

WALT make observations and write about them

Today we used the Science trolley to make observations about bugs and rocks. 
We used the visualiser to zoom in on the bugs and rocks to get a detailed picture. We then had to save the pictures to a flash-drive and then transfer them to our emails. Next, wrote down the observations we made and posted them to our personal blogs.
Here are some of the photos the students captured using the visualiser.